1000 Watt Voltage Stabilizer


Unitec Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer (servo motor) 1000VA in Sri Lanka. This product is a servo motor-type high accuracy household voltage stabilizer. Low power consumption. Reliable work. High accuracy of stabilization. Good for use in regions where the net voltage is much fluctuating.

  • Product Name: Unitec Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Input voltage: 160 ~ 250V
  • With over current protection
  • With output voltage indication
  • Output voltage: AC220V +2%
  • With 100V/200V input voltage selector switch
  • Maximum Input Wattage 1000W


The Unitec 1000 Watt Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer monitors the mains voltage continuously. If the voltage rises or drops, the Unitec 1000 Watt Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer will stabilize the output. This will ensure the voltage reaching your equipment remains constant at 220V, within the operating range of the unit. If the input voltage falls below 160V* or rises above 250V*, the Unitec 1000 Watt Voltage Stabilizer will disconnect the output, thereby protecting the load. Once the mains voltage returns again within acceptable limits, the Unitec 1000 Watt Voltage Stabilizer will reconnect the output following a start up delay.

Microprocessor controlled stabilizer

  • Very wide input voltage range
  • Excellent output voltage stability
  • Includes surge and spike suppression
  • Full RFI & noise suppression (ER option only)
  • Extremely fast response
  • Incorporates over-voltage & under voltage disconnect
  • 10 second start-up delay as standard



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